UBS H3X Series – Australian Queenslander Country Houses – “Somewhere, some time ago in Queensland”

This series is a selection of small houses and store base on mid-20th century Australian Queenslander country building style.
The series includes fully constructed houses and items ready to use “out-of-the-box” –  just drag the prefabs into your scene and they are ready to go.
The models are interactive and allow the user to open doors for full access to inside the building, open windows, and to switch lights.
Universal Building System (UBS) provides a creative construction set building platform.  The models include UBS standard wall panels, roof panels, operational doors and windows, and lights and switches that can be used construct different house designs with the Unity Editor.
Each of the parts, including the bases, floors and ceilings, walls and construction beams can be interchanged between sets and can be used for creating completely new buildings from scratch.
Demonstration example video here:
All of the models in the “Somewhere, some time ago in Queensland” H3X Series.
Queensland House – Model HB34
Queensland House – Model H33
Queensland House – Model H32
Queensland Corner Shop – Model H35
Queensland Windmill Water Pump – Model H37
Queensland Large Water Tank – Model H39
Queensland Small Water Tank – Model H38
Queensland Picket Fence – Model H40
Queensland Shed – Model H36

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