UBS Philosophy – the way of the Universal Building System

UBS provides quick building creation in minimal time. Standardised blocks; 25cm units (i.e. 1 unit = 25 cm); i.e. a “1 x 1 x 1” block is 25cm x 25cm x 25cm. Standard blocks are sized to fit Unity 3D’s standard components and characters. Preconfigured materials, animated controllers for doors, windows and other objects. Holistic components that can be used by themselves or in combination with others; e.g. Wall panels have outside as well as their internals modelled so that placing a wall panel constructs the whole wall unit. Components are standardised using the standard unit sizing so that all elements can be reused in many different models. Components are provided in each set for a wide variety of constructions. Each set contains components for 1000’s of models. Materials are designed to intermesh. Materials are provided for different surfaces and textures adding to the variety of styles.

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