UBS – Universal Building System

UBS – Universal Building System


UBS H32 – Australian Queenslander House #1 – Mid 20th Century House

A small house base on mid 20th century Australian Queenslander house style. This is a modular building set that is based on the UBS standard building platform. It includes wall panels, roof panels, operational doors and windows. The set includes a fully constructed house ready to use – just drag it into your scene and …

UBS Philosophy – the way of the Universal Building System

UBS provides quick building creation in minimal time. Standardised blocks; 25cm units (i.e. 1 unit = 25 cm); i.e. a “1 x 1 x 1” block is 25cm x 25cm x 25cm. Standard blocks are sized to fit Unity 3D’s standard components and characters. Preconfigured materials, animated controllers for doors, windows and other objects. Holistic …